Trump’s first war

You might not have noticed, but is is easy to explain and prove.

And it gives hope for free-minded people in USA and Europe. Actually, in the USA he won the elections by a land-slide, fake news media will eventually get to this fact.

Peace-president Trump was so kind and friendly that he let Sidney Powell declare his first war. The first war by an US-president, I do support and the first war since LONG time by an US-president that put the commander in chief in high danger.

Sidney Powell said: “We released the KRAKEN” and media commented this as if it was a metaphor.

Trump confirmed the start of his first war, very decently, when he retweeted this:


So, “we released the kraken” means, an unit of the US-army received a mission and started it’s operation to identify the traitors. Kraken is directly under Trump’s command, there cannot be any doubt, that, indeed, the kraken was released and that, by this, the army started it’s fight against the deep state – and all traitors and supporters inside and outside of the USA.

The election-fraud was an attack on the constitution and the integrity of the USA, and while connections to China, Venezuela, Germany, Spain and so on were listed, the focus of Trump’s first war is in the USA itself.

Trump is a very brave man, daring to fight a war to free his people from the marxist-mafia-deep-state criminals.

Until now, formally, the martial law has not been proclaimed. Trump, to do so, just needs to hint on his respective executive order 13848 from 2018 – and confirm that forces inside AND outside of the USA interfered in the election with the intention to manipulate it. The connection of the traitors to Germany, Iran, China and Venezuela has been mentioned. Trump could declare martial law from now on, any time, but he might not want to do it sooner than necessary, for good reasons.

Talking about reality, the military operation with focus on the USA is running, formally. Anyway, if Trump will receive the votes to win, he rightfully got, through civil courts’ rulings, the executive order 13848 might not need to be used, as the election would have become corrected and rightful. Martial law might not have to be declared inside USA, the war “Army vs. Deep state” might run in silence.

Treason, however, was committed, even if the result hoped for by the traitors would not be achieved. The army will deal with that and depending on the strength and way the traitors will try to defend themselfs before justice, an emergency-situation might occurre that would lead to the proclamation of martial law, later and not connected on the voter fraud case, 9/11 followed a executive order that Trump could use, if necessary, for fights inside the USA against traitors.

In Europe, there is no “distinct deep state”, as here the marxist mafia has taken over, everything is deep state here. Every election is rigged, every freedom taken, any ideological lie that can be used to press more money from the hard working people is welcomed and used to it’s maximum.

When Trump will have drained the swamp in the USA, the European peoples will become able to drain their swamps in their countries. Since decades, the US-swamp’s unlimited amounts of money enslaved the European peoples.

See this:

Trump makes it clear to us that OUR countries are communist. Fake news, LOT of money for media form “the state”, that is the TAXpayer has to pay for the FAKE news he is manipulated with to belief that he is cared for a by a good government. That is why you might think that your government would care for your health and well being, while they actively try to make you sick and feel bad – so they can present themself as your saviour. That is called: “mafia-method”

Trump makes it clear to every free minded, rationally thinking person that the governments we have in Europe, are indeed communist, freedom-hating dictatorships pretending to be “elected legally”, while voterfraud and treason is USUAL in Germany and other EU-countries.

Most people in Germany think “OK, it 90% of the voters want this desastrous politics, so be it.” Rigged elections, votes of the people do not count, just the results count and the people just need to believe they were true. Would the MAFIA EVER betray you? Take your money, steal your freedom?

They call themselfs ” honorable people” – because they are rich, have lots of money they have stolen from the hard working people and think that makes them honorable. Criminals rule most of European countries, want-to-be dictators, always in dire care for “their people”.

Always fantasizing stories, “man made climate change”, “dangerous corona virus”, they create panic “you will all be dead, if you do not do what we say” – and hint to some brazen liars made to look like honest scientists.

Could our marxist mafia government use false accusations and fake news to work actually AGAINST the prosoect of it’s people? Never?

Fake news, is it possible that all main stream media actually belong to a small group of mafia traitors not interested to let us now reals information, neutral information and accept controversial discussion about it?

The Big Media is part of the deep state, it is an important part. Fake news media make Trump to look like a lunatic, because they know TRUTH is their greatest enemy and Trump is on his mission to bring it back to all people of the western world.

Freedom of the press is gone

Did You read in your mass media releases about how Trump calls it? In the USA, fake news were part of the treason, as anyone who takes a unbiased look will immediately understand.

I hope that the US-Army under it’command in chief, President Trump will be able to sentence or eliminate Zuckerberg, Bezos, Soros and all the BigData oligarchs, the heads of the “friendly mafia just wishing the best for you”. I’m confident that the US-army will not commit treason but fight it.

And this war will be over, when the last traitor will be brought to justice, then free media can discuss ANY opinion! And, here in Europe we have TONS of traitors, we wait for the US-army to finish their job in the USA and then come to Europe, in case that the people, disarmed and enslaved, won’t be able to free them by themselfs.

Oh, Biden, you may ask about Biden. Biden is past, if justice will be spoken, Biden is dead.

Biden will have to prove – where? Before the military court.

What? That he did not commit treason, while he told on video that he did so.

If one is accused before a military court for treason – and has a big unsolvable problem to prove that he has NOT committed it, one can expect that this traitor is “as good as dead”. So actually, all the theater in the civil world is not really important.

Sure, if the election process would let Trump get his 2nd presidency without much hassle, it would be positive. Can you imagine that a traitor and a communist traitor, Biden and Harris, could become the leaders of the free world? If this would happen, the USA would prerish and become just another opressed slave-production-country for the marxist mafia. Trump and the US-military won’t let this happen, so do not care about Biden.

As Kraken was released, you should be aware that Kraken was set up to gather and anlyse information about the situation. The intelligence Kraken and other military units will produce will be the evidence that a military court will use to sentence Biden. Do not worry about civil courts. Every judge saying:”treason? So WHAT?” will become enemy of the US-army. Have the traitors show their arrogant attitude! So much easier to get them if they are thumb enough to not understand that the USA is in a new war.

A war, never seen before: US-Army vs Deep State.

Army vs. marxist mafia including BIG DATA oligarchs and other big money.

There is no place for the traitors to flee to. China and Russia may take a few agents they could use, but the majority of the traitors won’t be welcome in any country.