The evil fairy-tale of the LOOPHOLE

Before you read the information, check your attitude. Do you think you KNOW BETTER than me, about your countries laws, schedules, UN-conventions? Do you think it matters, WHO knows BETTER? Have you learned to respect authorities without the right of doubt?

Do not believe me! I forbid you to believe me. Take my information as the starting point to THINK YOURSELF, read yourself and find out yourself. Read the law, the schedules, understand what is a mold, what a mushroom and what a truffle, what a substance. Authorities can be helpful, but they, as well, can have reasons to deceive you. People believing in lies can transport them and give you the feeling of authority and knowledge.

So, do not believe! Not me and not the others. Believe what you can read, perceive and understand. Laws are no magical books that must not be read by the “average man”. Laws that influence your live directly must be understandable to you. Tax laws might be complicated and steadily closing and opening loopholes, but criminal laws that hinder you to do something must be clear to you – without the need of an expert to explain to you!

Otherwise there would be no “rule of law” but arbitrary intentions of experts would rule the world. Do they?

You do not need to follow pharisees, you can “check the scriptures” yourself. Definitely, you SHOULD CHECK YOURSELF. If you need someone to explain to you what you are allowed to EAT and what not, because the “law is so complicated”, then you live in a totalitary regime and are just a subject to the authorities without human rights.

The concept of a loophole is a logical analog. Something is dangereous and forbidden, so everything else with the same danger should be forbidden as well and if it is not, its ” a loophole”. Might be intentional, mostly done by politicians for their mafia-friends. Or might be simply forgotten or not known at the time of the creation of the forbidding law.

When a country would define a punishment for “murder by means of a knife”, but not persecute “murder by means of a gun”, one would call this a loophole. Murder is murder.

Now, Psilocybin and Psilocin have been banned by the UN-conventions/treaties of 1971 and 1972. At that time, Magic Mushrooms AND Magic Truffles had been KNOWN to the “fathers of the convention”. They banned THC, the substance from Marihuana AND they banned the “flower” of the hemp plant. They banned cocaine and the coca-leaf. They banned mescaline but NOT the cacti – and they banned Psilocybin and Psilocin but NO organisms containing those substances. They have not FORGOTTEN to ban those organisms, but they have intentionally NOT banned them, because the dangers of pure Psilocybin are not present with Magic Mushrooms nor Magic Truffles. Psilcyobin is NOT Magic Mushrooms is NOT Magic Truffles.

The substance is neither addictive nor dangerous for human health. The real reason, why it was banned is because LSD was banned and LSD was banned, because the government wanted to fight the legitimate anti-war-movement. That was prooved and published by journalists showing the interviews and documents of the Nixon aera (you can find at Nixon could not ban free speach, so he banned a substance his secret service would spred amongst the anti-war-movement for some years, LSD.

Anyway, the pure substances can me easily missused by criminals to make their victims helpless. 15mg of Psilocybin, a little bit of white powder, can turn an adult into a “defenceless child” for several hours. It is necessary to make sure criminals cannot missuse Psilocybin for criminal activity and we will never know how much money and what else the SWISS Sandoz AG received to take their “Indocybin” medication from the market in the 1960s…

Thus, the pure substances CAN be used easily to intoxicate other people against their will, besides, they were said to be “like LSD” and as LSD was the “Hippie-drug” and hippies should be criminalized and the movement destroyed. The fathers of the convention banned Psilocybin EVEN THOUGH it is not dangerous for human health – even in high amounts and “overdoses”. Anyway, being “like LSD” was enough.

But they did not see any reason to ban Magic Mushrooms, less Magic Truffles, because their dangers are almost ZERO, compared to substances that act in tiny amounts. Magic Truffles were KNOWN to Albert Hofmann, the extractor of Psilocybin from Magic Mushrooms, in the 1950ties!

In 2008, the Netherlands banned Magic Mushrooms by listing all 172 known species in their Schedule I. The only argument, they could find to do this “pure political act”, was the “high variations of substance-content”. Some Magic Mushrooms looked “like nothing” and were extremely potent, others looked like potent shrooms, but had no effect.

The consequences of this “variations in substance-content” have been accidential overdoses that would, in seldom but medially severly exploited cases, lead to accidents. At least this is, what the government and media wanted us to believe and what the mushroom producers themselfs were able to believe, as in fact there were very strong and very weak mushrooms available on the market – and sometimes not distinguishable.

True, one could have found ways of standarizing as Candian repositories do it now, BUT nevertheless, the Dutch government use the “danger of accidental overdose” to ban the Magic Mushrooms.

Thus, in the Netherlands, not just Psilocybin and Psilocin are schedule I, but 172 kinds of shrooms are listed in the schedule I as well. Anyway, the sclerotia were LEFT OUT. Not as a legal loophole, no, but because NO REASON COULD BE FOUND to ban them.

A few years after the Magic Mushroom ban was made, a politician from the “christian democratic party” came up with the “loophole” argument to ban the Magic Truffles as well. “oh we forgot to ban them!” – and FAILED to convince the government to ban the Magic Truffles as well, because it was NO loophole, simply there is NO REASON to ban them!

Last year, after 25 years of “quasi-legal” sale in the Netherlands, the Dutch government finally took the last step and explicitly categorized the Magic Truffles as “luxury food intended for intoxication” by the tax authority (customs) and that act is called “legalisation”.

NO law was changed! Magic Truffles have never been illegal, they simply do pose NO danger. No danger to health, surely, but as well there is NO WAY to accidentally overdose oneself, there is no way to make someone eat 30g of Magic Truffles without the knowledge of that person.

They are not addictive, do not create any health damages (contrary most the the other “luxury food” products, like alcohol, tobacco, sugar, coffee, chocolate…).

Thus, think about this: in the Netherlands, the pure substances, Psilocybin and Psilocin, and all Magic Mushrooms are explicitely listed in Schedule I and the Magic Truffles are explicitely categorized as merchantable luxury food.

That means, whoever wants to argue with analogs “because the pure substance is forbidden, everything containing it MUST be forbidden as well” is using (maybe unintentionally, just because the respect before authorities who published this lie many times…) a false, deceiving pseudo-logical mock argument hiding the truth:

There is no danger to human health and thus no reason to ban Magic Truffles. And as long they are not explicitely banned, they are LEGAL in that country.

Now, check your national drug law’s schedule. You will find cocain and heroine and amphetamines and even Psilocybin. Do not ask wikipedia, look for yourself in your coutry’s online LAW website. You do not need pharisees to explain to you what your law means, you can read and understand yourself and thanks to google and digitization, you can do this online!

There are some states that list in their schedule I even Magic Mushrooms, the Netherlands for expample.

But there is no state that lists sclerotia, Magic Truffles, in their schedule I. Germany is the only state that lists “organisms containing a scheduled substance” – but that organisms, as they grow wild, are only banned “if there is an intent to missuse them for intoxication”.

As long as the Netherlands kept the Magic Truffles in the gray market, Germany could argue that eating them for intoxication was illegal in Germany. But after the Dutch explictly legalized the Magic Truffles FOR CONSUMPTION for intoxication, there is a LEGITIMATE reason to have them and that is to eat them to become intoxicated. That is why they were categorized as “luxury food” (high tax) and not “just food” (low tax).

Now, the use for intoxication is a legitimate use and cannot be a missuse; that means that the German drug law does not ban Magic truffles ANYMORE, just because a Dutch tax authority’s act and not because of any law would have to be changed!

To better understand the difference between Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles, let’s think about plants. The “mold” could be seen as the plant’s body with roots, the Mushroom is compared to the flowers and the Truffles to the seeds.

No one would argue that flowers and seeds are “the same thing” and create the same dangers when being eaten. There are basic differences between seeds and truffles, but there are similarities as well, the ability to survive situations the mold/plant itself does not survive, to transport the genetics into a new situation and create new life.

Let’s recap:

Just because some substances is banned, the (living and naturally occurring) organism that produces this substances itself is NOT banned. Not if that is an animal, nor plant, nor mold. To ban the organism, it must be listed in the schedule, as we find it with coca-leaves & hemp-flowers.

There is NO PROBLEM for a government to adjust the drug law’s schedule and add “new items” to it. The argument that it is “not necessary because it is a logical analog” is a simple and pure LIE. The schedule MUST list, what IS banned and what is not listed is not banned. Seeds are no Flowers are no pure substances and while for some substances, the dangers of the substance and of the consumed organism producing it might be similar, this is not always and necessarily the case. So what looks logical, actually is a very clever lie.

Again, if there is REASON to ban some organism or new created substance, the government can do so within short time. Explaining to you that is was not necessary because of some logic arguments that things that are neither optically, nor biologically similar shall be juristically “a synom” is just a brazen lie.

So brazen that many people believe it.

The logic seems so easy and understabible while it is intentional deceit and betrayal.

A word on Jamaica. This country has NOT signed the UN treaties of 1971/1972, as only country worldwide and now lots of investors go there to set up businesses that start creating products based on pure psilocybin, extraction and therepautic centers using it. I estimate that it will take another 4-8 years until pure psilocybin will be used in prescription drugs, taken out of schedule I “for the sake of the human population”, worldwide. Jamaica seems to become the pilot country.

And a world on Switzerland. Psilocybin was identified and extracted by Albert Hofmann there and Sandoz AG produced and marketed the first prescription drug based on Psilocybin and said to increase the intelligence, help with psychotherapies and do many more wonderful things.
The Swiss drug-law, as the only one worldwide, does just prohibit ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCES. Psilocybin itself was not listed inside the law and the schedule in Switzerland is made by a private company (SwissMedic)”on behalf of the state”. Swiss are convinced that Psilocybin is banned there and illegal just as everywhere else (but Jamaica).
Anyway, if Swiss drug law was taken as it must be taken, Psilocybin CANNOT be banned as it is not addictive. The law-writers in the “father-country of Psilocybin (mother is Mexico)” seem to have intentionally created the drug-law the way that Psilocybin, if the people would “wish for”, could be called legal without any change of the law, just by telling Swissmedic that they made a mistake listing it. Mistakes can happen.

And a very last word on Sweden. They are really brazen liars, as their law forbid “intoxicating mushrooms without medical use“. Truffles, of course, are not banned, but saying that Magic Mushrooms, the maybe most healthy and healing organisms worldwide, would have “no medical effect” is such a brazen lie, that only the roman catholic inquisition managed to beat that.